Your Marketing Plan

Up to this point things have been pretty easy; now begins the hard part.  Once again, there are countless internet companies willing to take your money to do the marketing for you, but if you’re reading this you probably want to keep your money for other things and do the heavy lifting yourself.

Consider the following tasks or ideas to design your own marketing plan.  Consider these ideas to create a plan in any form or format you are comfortable with.  Don’t worry about how your plan looks; just make sure you have a plan.  All will be useful at some point in the process.

  • Description of your book
  • Your author biography
  • Determine your audience
  • Marketing goals
  • Where will you sell your book?
  • What is your advertising budget?
  • How can you leverage you social media presence to sell books?
  • How can you use my web page and blog to market your book?
  • What activities including book launches, book signings, and speaking engagements can you plan to promote your book?

As with most endeavors, “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.”  Start with a good marketing plan.  In order to execute your marketing plan you will need to create some marketing material.  You’ve already written some of that material for Createspace.  First, you need your descriptions of your book.  Ultimately you will need several versions, but to keep it simple we are going to focus on two, a short version and a longer versions.  You may have written a longer version for Createspace but let’s create a short version.  You will need to have  a biography.  You have to establish your audience, who will read your books?  You will need to determine your marketing goals and objectives: “By June I will sell 100 books by continuing updating my blog weekly, participating in at least 6 forums, getting 10 reviews, five awards, and making three media appearances. Determine where your book will be sold.

This short version should be 100 words or less.  In these 100 words you want to tell the reader how reading your book will help them solve a problem or reach a goal.

Here is a description that is 89 words.

A new book by Sherry Woodcock,  Learning to Forgive and Let Go, looks at how simple spiritual tools can allow you to have more positive relationships and view circumstances, seen otherwise as negative, in a more positive light.  Sherry explains how by allowing ourselves to let go of erroneous beliefs and negative feelings, we can live a more free and fulfilling life.  “By forgiving and letting go of all the negative beliefs and feelings, I can imagine perfection unfolding and it is done.  I can feel free and content.” 

Readers want to know why they should spend the money to buy, and take the time to read your books instead of some other author’s book and they will want to know a little bit about you.

So Take some time to develop a short biography.  There are no hard and fast rules about writing a short biography, but most agree it should  be written in third person, be factual, note some of your credentials or experience related to the topic of your book, and be interesting or capture the attention of the reader.  Here is an example of my wife’s bio.

Sherry Woodcock is a spiritual teacher, mother, grandmother, wife and author of Daily Spiritual Tools, the blog and the book Sherry is on life-long journey to find God in our daily lives.  “If we are able to know God within ourselves, and as ourselves, in the midst of the day-to-day events of our lives, work, parenting, paying bills, doing our best and our not-so-best, we help to elevate others and our world.” 

You can find may examples of author bios by doing an Internet search of “author bio examples.”

Now that you have created a variety of marketing materials, including a short and long description of your book and your biography, you will need to get those materials in print on the internet and in hard copy.


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  1. A successful marketing strategy also hinges on several things including promo material that is well thought out and professionally printed. I used to print my bookmarkers. They did a fantastic job, larger format, high-gloss, double-sided and the price was fantastic…only $46 for 1000 including priority shipping…Dennis @ Moneysaver Editing

    1. Thanks for the comment Dennis. You are absolutely right. The marketing material you might include in your media kit should be of the highest quality. This might be the one chance you have of convincing a prospective reader that you have something worth reading. Self-pubishers don’t have to settle for poorly done materials. If you would be interested in writing a guest post on the importance of good editing, I would love to have you create something to share here.


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