Publish Your e-Book For Free

Smashwords is not the only e-publishing company, but it’s easy and it creates your e-book in many formats. Once you’ve published with Smashwords, you should also publish with Amazon Kindle Direct. By doing so, it will add your book to the Amazon library and get you into the Kindle Store. For now though, let’s focus on Smashwords. (At the time of publishing this book, Amazon came out with a new program called Kindle Select.   It is claiming to offer additional royalties when you make your book exclusive to Kindle for at least 90 days. It will be part of the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library for the same period and you will earn your share of a monthly fund when readers borrow your books from the library. You will also be able to promote your book as free for up to five days during these 90 days. The downside is that for those 90 days you may not offer your e-book anywhere other than Kindle Direct.)

The first step to publishing with Smashwords is to join at After registering you will set up your own My Smashwords page, where you will create a profile and add links to your blog or website. Once you’re finished you are ready to publish your book. Before you upload your book you should read their Style Guide. The website claims that if you read and follow the Style Guide, the upload process will be painless. I agree completely; take the time to read it. It will ultimately save you time.

After reading their guide and editing your book for the final time, it’s time to upload. Once you follow the link to publish your book, you will be asked to enter the following information: the title; a short description; a long description; the book’s language; whether it has adult content? the price of the book; a category for your book; tags for your book; the formats for your book; upload a cover image; and select your file to upload. Once the above information has been added all you need to do is click the publish button.

Now let’s get your book available at Amazon. First you need to create an account at Once the account is created you can add your book. Kindle Direct has it’s own guidelines that you will find in their Kindle Publishing Guide found on the sign-in page under Getting Started & FAQs. Take the time to read through them. There are many helpful formatting tips that, if followed, will save you time in the long run. After you have created your account and read the guidelines, you can click the button on your “dashboard” (every self-publishing company seems to use the dashboard concept.)

Your book is now available in e-book at both Amazon and at Smashwords.  How easy was that?

Keep on Writing.


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