Begin Publishing Your Book- Quick Start Guide

If you’re in a hurry to publish and you have a high quality book cover and a finished manuscript (edited by a professional or by someone who really knows what they are doing) I think it can be done in a week or less.  That means it is submitted for review but you are waiting to order a proof.  In this Step by Step Process I will give you links to follow, but you will need to be ready to follow directions on the websites you visit and make some decisions. Make sure you Read and Follow These Directions before you attempt to publish using the steps below

  1. Create your account at Createspace 
  2. Before going much further read about formatting your files on Createspace’s blog (it will save your headaches later)
  3. Select “My Account” at the top and select “Member Dashboard”
  4. Start a new project by Adding a New Title
  5. Type in a name for your project (This is your working title and can be changed later)
  6. Select the format for your project (probably paperback)
  7. Choose the “Guided” set up process to publish your book
  8. Type in the title, author information, and description (use the one you wrote earlier)
  9. Choose your ISBN option (free, Createspace is the publisher of record; $10, you can be the publisher; or use one you purchased already, $125, follow this link for application and information through Bowker )
  10. You are ready to upload your document (make sure you have read about formatting your document in step two)
  11. I would suggest using their formatted template in this step, download a template from Createspace
  12. Copy your document and past into the template
  13. Review the new document and save
  14. Upload the document to Createspace
  15. This may take a while you can work on the cover while you wait for uploading
  16. Choose a template from the cover templates or upload a PDF of the front and back cover (refer to formatting your files to see how to create the PDF for your cover)
  17. Complete the cover process, following al directions, completing front and back information (you will need your back cover description and an author photo to complete the cover)
  18. Ater you book is uploaded click the “Launch Interior Reviewer” button at the bottom of the page (this will give you your first look at your completed book)
  19. After reviewing the interior you may need to upload an edited version (Don’t worry this can be done as many times as possible.  Hopefully you took some time to really do step two.)
  20. After your cover is completed and your interior is finalized you have “Completed the Setup;” you will submit your book now (You will receive an email within 48 hours with next steps.  Sometimes you will need to make changes and resubmit.)
  21. Next you will choose either standard or expanded distribution channels (Standard means your book will be distributed through Amazon and Createspace only.  Expanded (for $25 more) means it will also be made available through bookstores, other online retailers, libraries, and academic institutions)
  22. Now you set the price for your book (after you set the price it will calculate your royalties at that price)
  23. When you receive and email from Creatspace letting you know that you book was accepted you will need to order a proof.  You will have to purchase at least one proof and make sure that you read it page by page.
  24. Read it once for how it “looks”
  25. Read it again for formatting issues
  26. Read it again for typos (this shouldn’t take long if you followed my advice with a good editor before uploading)
  27. You will need to “approve your proof” and the review process is complete
  28. Congratulation, you are a published author!
  29. Now the hard part begins…. marketing your masterpiece

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