Before You Publish, Begin Marketing Your Book – Your Author Platform

Marketing should actually start before you publish your book.  It begins with you building an author platform.  An author platform is just that, a platform from which you sell your books.  It begins with your visibility; how easily can people find you, and ultimately your book.  It also includes your credibility as an author.  Will your audience trust what your write?  And finally, how large is your reach to your target audience?  Do you have an email list or list of followers for your blog?

The following activities may help you build your platform.  It’s not an exhaustive list but a good start.

  1. Show off your work wherever your target audience might be reading, including magazines, blogs, newspaper columns, or other online and offline outlets.
  2. Produce quality work on your own blog or website.
  3. Make contacts with people at speaking engagements or other events where your readers might be attending.
  4. Create a meaningful social network in which you are an “active” participant.  Get involved in all the major networks but don’t forget the niche networks that you can find by searching the Internet.   If you’re not familiar with social networking click here to learn more from Wikipedia.

After you’ve developed your online social network read the Your Marketing Plan page.


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