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It’s Never Too Late to Publish Your Book, Harry Bernstein Did it At 98!

What is keeping you from publishing your book?  Never to LateHarry Bernstein wrote 40 books but destroyed all of them because publishers wouldn’t publish them. Bernstein was 93 when his wife died and started writing to help cope with his grief. He spent three years writing his memoir called “The Invisible Wall.”

He sent the manuscript to many New York publishers, They all turned it down. Then he sent it to Random House in the UK, where it sat in a pile of manuscripts for a year before it was read by a publishing director who recognized it as inspired writing. It was published in 2007 when Mr. Bernstein was 98. He would write three more highly acclaimed books, all were published, up until his death at 101. Bernstein called his 90s, “the most productive years of my life.”

What a waste to have those first 40 books lost forever.  Can you imagine if he was able to self-publish them and keep the majority of the royalties from his book.  There are so many of you out there like Harry Bernstein who have books that the traditional publishing houses reject.  Now is the time to publish your first book.  Use the information on our website or buy our book, A Handyman’s Guide to Self-Publishing Your First Book for Free (or Almost Free).  It’s available online at Amazon and through our website Handyman Publishing.

Keep on writing.


Is Self Publishing Here to Stay?

According to Bowker, in 2008, the production of print-on-demand books surpassed traditional book publishing for the first time and since then its growth has been staggering. Now more than twice the output of traditional titles, the market is dominated by a handful of publishers. In fact, the top 10 publishers overall accounted for an astounding 74% of total titles produced in 2009.

Data Taken From Bowker

Based on the data, I don’t think that self publishing is going anywhere soon. It is here to stay.  If you don’t think that you can pull it off by yourself there are companies out there who call themselves self publishing companies, but they are really non traditional publishing companies who help authors publish their own books.  There are the big ones out there, but there are many up and coming smaller companies who may be able to assist. That’s why I call it assisted self publishing when you pay for services through another company.

In non traditional publishing the spectrum runs from doing everything yourself for free to  paying as you go for services you might need (kind of like ordering a la carte) and all the way to paying up to $5,000 or more for package deals.  As you might suspect, I encourage authors to do it yourself or purchase only the service that you cannot do yourself.  In another post I will list some of the many companies that will provide you with these varied services. For now, I think it’s safe to say that self publishing is here to stay.

Go out there and publish your book.