Nature, Creativity and Writing

I normally don’t post about writing, but this is a topic in which I have a great deal of interest.  More and more we hear how disconnected we are from nature.  In fact, there is a new term called, Nature Deficit Disorder (NDD).

The term was coined by author Richard Louv in his book Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children From Nature-Deficit Disorder in order to explain how our societal disconnect with nature is affecting today’s children. We have become a digitally enhanced, suburban, urban-centric, society.  Our lives are so filled with scurrying to and fro that we seldom take time to smell anything let alone the roses.

I came across a great blog post that illustrated this by Nelson Suit, author of a book of poems, The Songs of Galangal, and a children’s book titled Els Oot and the Mapmaker.  He writes about research that was done that seemed to indicate people who had been on a 4-6 day hike performed better on assessments that measured their creativity.  This validates what I have believed all along, I am way more creative if I get my dose of nature that connects me to the universe.  He says it so well in his blog,

“Even if nature is not always “gentle” or “soft”, it seems true that our brains engage differently between the digital (on/off) choices of the computers that we have manufactured and the fluid dynamics of walks in nature.”

Take a minute and visit his blog, Wordcapering; I don’t think you will be disappointed.


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One response to “Nature, Creativity and Writing”

  1. Nelson Suit says :

    I share your thoughts on this. A walk in nature often allows for me a bit of quiet meditation – helps put things in perspective again. Thanks for the kind mention of the blog!

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