Can You Spare a Fiver?

Have you ever wondered what $5.00 can buy you?  For an aspiring writer, the website is a cornucopia of services that can be used for everything from finding music for your book trailer, to getting cover art done for you eBook or paperback.

It is also a great place to have someone create graphics for your marketing material.  I found a person who will create a three dimensional graphic of your book cover.  For $5.00 he made me three different graphics for my wife’s book.  I used the 3D graphic (to the right) as part of a promotional poster for her book launch party and book signings.  All I had to do was email him the jpg of the book cover and he made the 3D image for me within a day.  I added it to the posters for book marketing.

Other services for $5.00 include book or product reviews and conversion of word documents into eBook formats with clickable TOC.  You can also find someone to edit photos or create book covers, logos, banners or almost anything else that you can think of.

It’s fun to just visit the website and see what people will do for $5.00.  You do need to be careful; it can be kind of addicting when you start browsing all of the unusual things people will do for a “fiver.”


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