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marketing your blogMy wife started her blog, Daily Spiritual Tools, almost two years before publishing her first book.  She didn’t know it at the time, but she was taking her first step in building her “Author Platform.”

You always hear about author platform, but what does that really mean?  In its simplest form it is creating a foundation from which an author reaches his or her audience while establishing credibility and authority.  Jane Friedman, a full-time assistant professor of e-media at the University of Cincinnati and former publisher of Writer’s Digest, defines what it is and what it’s not on her website, called Jane Friedman.  It’s worth checking out.

Creating a blog as part of your platform begins to build that credibility and allows you to show your readers your writing.  That’s important; what follows is that the key element in a good blog is good content, your writing.   This post is not about how to add good content to your blog.  I’m going to assume that you will do that.  This post is about how to get your blog in front of prospective readers.

In my research I have read thousands of blogs.  I have stumbled on some really great blogs, great fresh content, well written with valuable information, but no one reads it, no followers, no comments.  That bothered me; good stuff, nobody sees it.

As you may recall, I am my wife’s marketing team.  She wrote the blog; I think it’s great content.  The team had to find ways to get people to read it.  I’d like to share those ways with you today.

  1. Get your blog listed on blog directories (click here for a list of blog directories)
  2. Search for and read blogs that are similar in content to yours
  3. Read those blogs
  4. Leave meaningful comments (not “Hi, read my blog”) Soft sell, ask them to visit your blog and give feedback
  5. Search the internet for key words found in your most recent post and find other blogs that wrote about that, read and comment, include “I also recently posted about ___________, I’d love your feedback.”
  6. Follow blogs that you like
  7. Use a signature with your blog address on every email or comment
  8. Join Linkedin and spread the word about your blog
  9. Join Facebook and feed your blog to your account
  10. Join Twitter and have your posts automatically tweeted
  11. Find twitter members who have similar interests and follow them.  If they follow you, thank them in a reply and invite them to read your most recent post.
  12. Post as a guest blogger (remember to leave your signature with your blog address)
  13. Make it easy for readers to follow you, one click (email subscriptions are great)

2 thoughts on “Your Author Platform – Blogging

Add yours

  1. Thank you for all the great tips!

    I checked the list of blog directories, and I have what may be a really dumb question: What is the difference between a “Resource URL” and a “reciprocal link”?

    1. Hi Jeri,
      A reciprocal link is when you place a link to someone else’s website or blog on your blog. This creates a back link for their website which helps with search engine placement. I believe what is meant by a resource URL is actually just the URL or uniform resource locator or more simply put your website address. I think that is what they might mean.


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