Realize Your Dream!

Regardless of what you might read on the internet, you can publish for free (or almost free.)  The good news is that there are many, many, great, talented, unpublished authors out there who may never have their book published if they wait for a traditional publishing house to publish their book; now they can publish it themselves.

My wife wanted to publish her book, Daily Spiritual Tools, but had absolutely no idea how to do it and absolutely no money to fund the project. I read her book and knew that others would enjoy reading it too.  I started researching self-publishing and after scouring the internet I found out that it was possible to get a book published with little or no cash.  We published her book, then three more e-books and continue to market them.  I learned so much in the process that it felt like a waste not to share it.  I created Yes You Can Publish for Free so that I could share the information with authors like you.  Then I began working on The Handyman’s Guide to Self-Publishing Your First Book for Free (or Almost Free.)  I’m excited to say that it will be published and available for purchase in November.

handyman coverIf you have the talent, the desire, the motivation, the time, and some limited computer and Internet skills, you can have your book published in an e-book and in paperback, from edited manuscript to finished proof, in about a month’s time for free (or almost free.) Self-publishing has never been easier.

This is the time for everyone who has dreamed of writing a book to take that step and live their dream. This book is primarily written for the real do-it-yourselfer. You are about to take on the exciting roles of publisher, agent, marketing team, head of public relations, bookstore manager, sales manager, editor, and accountant.

In this book you will find step-by-step instructions on how to publish your paperback with Amazon’s CreateSpace and your e-book with Smashwords. This book will provide you questions that will lead you to answers about where to publish and in what format. You will be guided to create an author platform and a marketing plan.   You will find examples of author biographies and press releases. You can check the appendix for author resources and lists of self-publishers and print on demand publishers. You WILL see your book published if you follow this simple handbook on self-publishing.

The Handyman’s Guide to Self-Publishing Your First Book for Free (or Almost Free) is available at Amazon and other internet book stores for $5.95.  Simply click here to get you copy.


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  1. @ Sherry – This short article “You Can Publish for Free” is inspiring for all those looking to be published. I will try looking closer at this site when I am ready for my WIP book to be published. As I understand, at the very least, a professional editor is needed before the project of publishing can be realized.

    1. Daron,
      Thanks for visiting. Editing is a vital part of the process. Quality sells, regardless of what you’re selling. I will be doing a post on how to find a good editor soon, so check back or follow by email.

      1. I’m glad you mentioned this, Mike. I completed my 92,000-word novel over a year ago and I am still struggling to either edit it myself (which I’d hate to do) or find a professional editor, and these guys are so expensive! I can’t wait to read that post. After months of getting sample edits I have come to believe that the truly good editors are the expensive ones. I honestly hope that i am wrong… and thank you for this wonderful blog. Don’t stop writing please.

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